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About Me

My name is Reyna Maria, and I am a certified personal trainer and older adult fitness specialist. I am very passionate about living an active, healthy, and fulfilled lifestyle and enjoy sharing my knowledge and expertise with others by providing you with the tools to do the same. 


Reyna Maria Movement provides access to fun, modern, and effective programs that will improve your physical and mental well-being and help you keep active, at any age. I create in home exercise programs that are enjoyable for everyone but they were  specifically designed with older adults in mind. My programs combine balance techniques, resistance training, yoga and stretching, cardiovascular endurance, meditation, and mindfulness practices. 


“Completely transform the way you feel, from the inside out” 

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My Philosophy

I am here to break down the stereotypes of aging by providing you with tools that will allow you to reach your full potential, physically and mentally.  I use the “wellness as a whole” approach and truly believe you can’t have a healthy body without a healthy mindset. We need to take care of ourselves from the inside out by equally prioritizing all aspects of wellness: physical fitness, mindfulness practices, proper nutrition, and rest.

Reyna Maria Movement offers personal training for seniors of any age, ability, and fitness level. This specialized program will help you gain confidence in your balance, increase your strength and improve your mobility through a well-rounded fitness routine that can be adapted to meet your specific needs and goals. Whether you are an experienced exercise, a new beginner, or are simply looking to create healthy habits, Reyna Maria Movement is the program for you.

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