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Wellness Programs and Personal Services for Seniors

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About Reliable Wellness
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Reliable Wellness Services is designed to help older adults to live independently in their homes while providing valuable resources that help you live a healthy, active, and purposeful life. Our mission is to improve your physical and mental wellbeing, help you create and maintain healthy routines and provide assistance where needed. Reliable Wellness Services will give you the ability to spend your time and energy on things you enjoy, decrease stress, and improve your overall quality of life.

Reliable Wellness Services offers a variety of services to help you maintain an independent lifestyle. We provide personal assistance in the home, in the community and help you establish healthy habits and routines. Designed for seniors, people with mobility issues or anyone needing an extra helping hand. We will work with you to create a wellness program that meets your needs, schedule and ability. 


"Providing valuable resources to help you live a healthy, active and more purposeful life"

Community Garden

Community Support

Driver Shuttle service 

Appointment Accompaniment 

Recreational Activities 

Shopping and Errands  

Personal Visits ​

In Home Support

Light housekeeping 

Organizational services 


Dog walking and pet care 

Home upkeep and maintenance

Movement and Nutrition

In Home Exercise Programs 

Regular Accompanied Walks 

Meal Planning & Food Preparation 

Home Cooked Meals

Having in home help has made these last six months survivable. Due to an increasingly bad mobility issue, my ability to do daily tasks both around the house and basic errands, has become severely restricted. Having assistance has been a lifesaver. The girls at Reliable Wellness are both cheerful and dependable. All around, I am very comfortable having them in my home.

- Rachel, Wellness Service Client

Reyna and her staff are wonderful! I have never had someone come into my home before and at first was a little apprehensive, now I wonder what I ever did without them! They help me with cleaning, organizing, cooking and errands. The staff always come in with a smile and are flexible and efficient with whatever is on the agenda for that day. Finding someone that can come in to do multiple tasks and do them all so well is quite hard to find and has made such an impact.  I highly recommend Reliable Wellness Services.

- Joan, Wellness Service Client



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