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Services and Pricing 

Reyna Maria Movement offers personal services to  our clients in the Okanagan Valley.  We offer a variety of services that  promote independence, while helping you to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle 


Hourly service rate (2 hour minimum)  $30.00 

Milage charge for shuttle service - $0.99/km 

In-home personal training - $50.00 per session 

Driver Service and Accompaniment

Private driving services too and from appointments, errands, shopping or personal visits. Accompaniment during appointments and shopping is available for added assistance and support. 

Housekeeping Services 

Light housekeeping services include: Floors, kitchens, laundry, dishes, bathrooms, organizational tasks. Housekeeping can be booked as a stand alone service or combined with other hourly services. 

Tech Help: Assistance and Lessons

Keeping up with the ever changing technology can be a challenging task. We can offer assistance and give lessons on how to use iPhones, Tablets, Laptops and show you all the ways you can use technology for your benefit

Meal Preparation 

Preparing nutritious and well balanced meals is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle. We can help you plan and prepare home cooked  meals that are ready to go at your convenience. Meal plans are personalized around your dietary needs, budget and personal tastes. 

Shopping/Online Shopping 

Personal shopping services can be helpful if you are not feeling well, have mobility issues or aren't able to leave the house for any reason. We can do the shopping for you! I am also available to assist with setting up online orders, picking up prescriptions and doing errands of any kind. 

Guided Walks & In Home Exercises Programs 

Keeping active and getting  fresh air is key in a healthy routine. We  keep you accountable by scheduling regular walks to different areas. Accompanied walks are great for those who are nervous about walking alone and need some extra motivation and support. 

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