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Personal Training 

Reyna Maria Movement offers In home personal training for seniors in the Okanagan Valley. We can work with you one on one to create a personalized fitness routine that is built around your specific needs and goals. Personal training is the quickest and easier way to improve your physical health and is done in a safe, supervised environment. Please contact to book a free consultation. 
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Personal Training 

Comprehensive personalized program that includes a free 30 minute consultation and fitness assessment. Programs will incorporate  strength training, balance training, movement and mobility exercises,  cardiovascular endurance and  wellness practices 


Friends Working Out

Group Fitness 

Group fitness classes and walking groups will resume in July 2022.  

After Yoga

Contracted Services 

Reyna Maria movement offers contracted services to retirement communities, recreation centres and fitness facilities. If your organization is looking for a group fitness instructor, interested in hosting a wellness workshop or require personal training coverage, please contact me for further information. 

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